Industrial ownership

Oras Invest is a family company and an industrial owner. We develop our companies through active board work together with the management. The aim is to create long-term sustainable value growth.

Oras invest holdings


Good owner structure is essential for our value creating approach. We aim to be the largest owner in our listed companies and the majority owner in our unlisted companies in order to reach the opportunity for active, constructive and long-term development and enhancement of the value of our ownerships. In addition, we may also acquire varying stakes in non-core companies, which may develop into core companies in the future. Good corporate governance is inherent to us and we pay a lot of attention to good board practice. Continuous renewal of companies through active board work with the management ensures long-term value growth.

Long-term goals

The total shareholder return is generated by the increase of net asset value and dividend yields. Oras Invest aims to reach total shareholder return in excess of the cost of capital over a business cycle.